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Walberg and Auge

A Historical Preservation Drum Company

Pronunciation: 'Auge' has a French enunciation... Oh-zhay.

Walberg and Auge is back and now registered as a non-profit corporation for historical and educational purposes.

Our mission: 

  • Preserve and restore the historical significance and musical instruments of America's most innovative and unknown drum and musical instrument company... W&A.

  • Develop and publish the Walberg and Auge book that documents the past and future of W&A.

  • Continue the tradition of designing and building Walberg and Auge drum sets and snare drums with the details and perfection-level craftsmanship of W&A drums built from yester-year.

The Walberg & Auge Book is Available for Purchase!

Forward by Award-Winning Drummer, Author, Educator… Daniel Glass!



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W&A Book (Full Color)

W&A Book (Black & White)

W&A Kindle Book (Full Color)

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Here is a book review from Not So Modern Drummer!



Established in 1903, Walberg and Auge began as a musical instrument repair and manufacturing company that made "Band Instruments" such as drums, bells, xylophones and traps. 

During the silent film era, W&A innovated and manufactured many sound effects and traps instruments. (Detailed in the 1911 and 1917 W&A catalogs supplied in the W&A book) They were the best of their kind.

During the nativity of Jazz, W&A innovated and manufactured many components which consist of the "Modern Drum Set" we know today. Ex: W&A innovated and manufactured the first high hat stand, drum throne, clamping basket snare stand, and much more.

From the 1920s – 1950s, W&A supplied these components to every American drum set manufacturer. If you have an American drum set made between the 1920s – 1950s, it came with a piece or a full outfit of W&A hardware.

Walberg and Auge also had a strong impact in music education. They manufactured a line of kinder instruments that were sold throughout the US (1930s – 1960s). They also wrote the curriculums.

Walberg & Auge saw its demise in the late 1970’s "import-industry-boom" and the history of this unknown innovative drum company was almost lost… until now.

This book is a collection of historical artifacts and memoirs that tell the history of how this small company made such a large impact in the musical instrument industry.

396 pages consisting of:
- W&A historical content and innovation details on the advent of the 'modern-day drum set' and instruments used in the 'Silent Film' era.
- Vintage W&A Catalogs (1911 – 1960’s) (All Pages!)
- Memoirs from Mr. Walberg, W&A Employees and Customers
- Many Magazine and Newspaper Articles (1920’s – 1970’s)
- W&A Drum Builders
- Pictures of Modern and Vintage W&A Drums and other band Instruments
- The Present and Future of W&A
A must for any vintage drum and/or musical instrument enthusiasts!

We hope you enjoy the story of this "American Treasure."

Modern W&A 'Perfection' Drums Available! 

Walberg & Auge 'Perfection' drum building tradition continues with drum craftsman/artisan... Rob Kampa. (of Magstar Custom Drums and Worldmax USA) Mr. Kampa brings decades of experience to W&A by designing and building drums which stay true to the 'Perfection' standards and philosophy of W&A of yesteryear.

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W&A Historical Presentation:

On Tuesday February 10, 2015, Jeremy Esposito presented a lecture on Walberg & Auge at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) . The event was hosted and documented by Richard Falco, (Director of Jazz Studies at WPI and founder of the Jazz History Database). Thank you Richard Falco and Chet Williamson for making this happen! 

(Click HERE to watch the presentation)



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Enjoy and thank you for visiting the Walberg and Auge website!

This project is dedicated to Bernard Eric Walberg, Alphonse Auge, Andrew E. Soderberg, John Layton, George Bernard, Robert George Bernard, Stanley Francis, Clarence Walberg and all of the past employees of Walberg and Auge Inc.

Thank you for all your innovations and 'Perfection' quality standards applied to the advent of the drum set and many other band instruments.

May your legacy continue and receive recognition for these great accomplishments.

- Jeremy Esposito (W&A President and Director of Operations)