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Walberg & Auge Patents

Here are 11 US patents filed by Bernard Walberg. We believe there are more.

If you know of any, please contact us. Thank you!

Patent US929175 CarryAll Bass Drum

Patent US929175 - CarryAll Bass Drum.JPG 

Patent US1006155 - Folding Stand

?Patent US1006155 - Folding Stand.JPG

Patent US1554538 Stand

 Patent US1554538 Stand.jpg


Patent US1628937 - Cigar and Cigarette Holder

 Patent US1628937 - Cigar and cigarette holder.JPG

Patent US1837637 - Drum stand 

Patent US1837637 - Drum stand.JPG 


Patent US2097004 - Flageolet

Patent US2097004 - Flageolet.JPG 


 Patent US2116808 - Keyboard

Patent US2116808 - Keyboard.JPG 


Patent US2153821 - Folding Stand for Musical Instruments 

Patent US2153821 - Folding stand for musical instruments.JPG 


Patent US2202410 - Musical Instrument of the Flute Type

Patent US2202410 - Musical instrument of the flute type.JPG 


Patent US2245883 - Stand for Drum and the Like

(The first clamping basket snare stand. AKA the "Buck Rogers" stand.) 

Patent US2245883 - Stand for Drum and the Like.JPG 


Patent US2499616 - Drum muffler

Patent US2499616 - Drum muffler.JPG