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Pronunciation: 'Auge' has a French enunciation... Oh-zhay

Walberg and Auge is now registered as a non-profit corporation for historical and educational purposes.

Our mission: 

  • To preserve and restore the historical significance and musical instruments of America's most important and innovative drum company.
  • Develop a Walberg and Auge book that documents the past and future of W&A.
  • Continue the tradition of designing and building Walberg and Auge drum sets with details and perfection-level craftsmanship of the W&A drums built from yester-year.


Walberg and Auge Badge Timeline

1909 - 1920's (Mounted on 'CarryAll' Bass Drum Hoop and Perfection Bell Set Cases (without patent stamp))

1909 badge.JPG 


1920's - 1930's (Mounted on top Snare Drum Hoop and Perfection Bell Set Cases)



1930's - mid 1950's (Mounted on Bass Drum Hoop,Tom (wood) Hoop and Perfection Bell Set Cases)



 Early1950's - Mid-late 1960's (Single Snare Drum vent hole grommet)



Mid 1950's - Mid-late 1960's (Bass Drum, Toms and Snare vent hole grommet)



Mid-late 1960's - Late 70's (Bass Drum, Toms and Snare vent hole grommet)



2014 - Present (Mounted on Bass Drum, Tom and Snare Shell)



Vintage Walberg & Auge Hardware Identification

The image below details how you can identify vintage W&A hardware stands.

Notice how the ear mounts are pressed out from the outer collar leg mounts. The ear mounts are used to mount the stand legs and supports. If it has the ear mounts... it's W&A.wanda_stand_hw_identification.jpg